This is the packaging art I created for the video game City of the Dead.  If the hero looks familiar, that is because he is special effects and make-up legend Tom Savini.  You might remember him as "Sex Machine" from Dusk till Dawn--he was the dude with the crotch gun.   In the game, Tom plays a character that is armed to the teeth, although I'm not sure if you play him or if he helps you through the levels.  Check out the print ad below which stars all my neighbors!

GEORGE ROMERO'S CITY OF THE DEAD at E3 EXPO  In addition to being HIP GAMES's booth display image at E3,  this ghoulish illustration was made exclusively for the unveiling of City of the Dead in GAME INFORMER Magazine (issue #145).  The developer of this game is KUJU, and they are looking to make a very gory experience, so be fore-warned!  Hopefully, I've done Mr Romero and Tom Savini proud with my painting here...  It was great to work on a game inspired by two guys who scared the living crap out of me when I was just a poor innocent kid!  I'll never forget the zombie that got his cranium cleaved by a helicopter!   My favorite part of this painting was getting my neighbors to pose as the zombies.  Check out that crying zombie in the back row--that IS creepy!   I will be appearing at E3 this year courtesy of HIP GAMES.    Stay tuned for more video game illustrations including the Box art for CotD starring Tom Savini himself, and Ghost Wars,  a military/special operations game. 


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