ELEKTRA #22   Well,  this is the last issue of Elektra for me.  I have illustrated almost 30 images of Marvel's sexy assassin and she is definitely the character closest to my heart.   I have gained a lot of notoriety as a result of my work on these covers and my thanks go out to everyone who has supported me on the series.   I'm most happy about the progression of Elektra's character shown in these covers....   When we first started the book, I was concerned mostly with making an impression of the most lovely Elektra anyone had yet seen!  I think issues 1 - 6 really stand out as great iconic hero shots of her.  But then as the stories progressed, things got a lot darker and weirder... somewhere between covers # 9 and 10,  Elektra's life hit the skids and she becomes a very sad and depressing character.  I was able to paint some images of her that were unusually personal in this period.  Finally, she gets back up on her feet, finds a new Sensei, and refocuses herself to become a better person.   This cover is the end result....Elektra in her ceremonial white silk outfit, victorious and perfect!  She has achieved a state of clear. 
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