ELEKTRA BLACK OUTFIT    I received a call recently from Jim McLauchlin of Wizard Magazine fame.     He is currently covering the making of the DAREDEVIL movie and while interviewing the director, he revealed that Jennifer Garner's outfit is directly inspired by this painting--pretty freakin' cool huh?   This image has been very popular even though it was never used as a cover.   I originally created it because Marvel had asked me to portray Elektra in an outfit that would be more appropriate as a movie costume.     So,  I came up with this black leather number --kind of like a sleeveless biker outfit.    Now,  the story comes full circle as Wizard has just commissioned me to do a cover for their magazine with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner as Daredevil and Elektra!    To take a look at the finished painting, click here. 
The original painting below was one of the spot illustrations used for merchandise and it appeared in USA TODAY's article about Elektra being hired as a "virtual model" by KARIN MODELING NYC.     Next to it is the cover to Elektra #5 which is the black version of her normal costume with the midriff showing.
Excerpt from interview with Daredevil director Mark Steve Johnson (Wizard #132)

WIZARD: What’s with the Elektra costume color change from red to black?
JOHNSON: In our movie, Daredevil is already established and his red is
intrinsic to his character. But Elektra hasn’t turned into an assassin
yet—it’s more of an origin story for her. I wanted her costume to be one
that would enable her to make that transition from Elektra Natchios into
Elektra: Assassin. I wanted her to be able to slip in and out of the shadows
in her search for Daredevil, and bright red sashes and headbands wouldn’t
allow for that. But in the future, once she’s been established as a
cold-blooded killer for hire, I’d love to see her costume evolve into that of
the comic character.
WIZARD: Was this look inspired by anything in particular?
JOHNSON: I love [Elektra cover artist] Greg Horn’s art. I saw one of his
Elektra drawings in black leather and thought it was sexy as hell. I thought
that it made sense for the real world.
WIZARD: How do you think Garner looks in costume?
JOHNSON: One word: Yowza!

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