ELEKTRA SKRULL!!!    Well, the big news this month is Elektra's a Skrull.  For those of you not "in the know", a Skrull is an alien shape-shifter who assumes the likeness of an existing person.  Then they put said person on ice, and take their place.  Why?  Because they can!   How far back does it go?  Nobody yet knows.  I'm just hoping it doesn't go back to my run on the covers.  That would just be weird.  Anyway, here is my painting of Elektra-Skrull in mid-transformation, getting ready for the next big Marvel Comics crossover event--THE SECRET INVASION:INFILTRATION!   I was extremely intimidated by the green-corrugated-roof chin,  but I posted this image recently on the Brian Bendis board thread: "Would you "do" a skrull?" and got some exuberantly positive replies...I guess fanboys  will "do" anything--even an evil, smelly  doppleganger.   I really like how Wizard magazine blew her up so large on the cover--it looks like a Maxim issue!
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