YELLOWMAN HULK AND SPIDER-MAN BODY SUIT DESIGNS  Here are some shirt designs I did for YELLOWMAN APPAREL who specializes in technical tattoo clothing.  As you can see the art covers the entire torso, front and back, and also the arms (the musculature on the arms was designed to wrap around the wearer's limb so just try to imagine it stitched into a cylinder around your arm --cool eh!   I've been keeping this one under wraps for a long time--but now is the time for the big reveal because this February, Yellowman will debut their new shirt line at New York Comiccon, and I am just willing to bet a lot of you guys are going to want to get your hands on these lovelies!    NEW YORK COMIC CON BOOTH # 1845    If you'd like to contact Yellowman about these shirts, here is their website:
Here is my design for the Spider-man body shirt, although the final will not have the creepy spider on the back.  We needed to replace it with a standard comic book style Spider-man logo.  But it still looks cool.
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