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Quesada & Brevoort Contest Jemas's Victory Announcement!

August 28, 2002

Standing behind data released by Diamond Comics Distributors, Marvel editor
in chief Joe Quesada and sr. editor Tom Brevoort are contesting Bill Jemas's
claim of victory in the U-Decide contest. Earlier this week, Diamond
revealed that retailers ordered more total copies of CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 than
the other "U-Decide" titles, MARVILLE #1 and ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #1.
However, Marvel's President and COO claimed victory, citing the fact that
MARVILLE #1 generated the most dollars due to its three different covers
(one priced at $2.25 and two foil covers priced at $3.99) -- a declaration
that Quesada and Brevoort are now disputing.

Looking to Diamond's September Top 100 sales chart, Quesada and Brevoort
point out that both CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 -- the month's #26 seller -- and
ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #1 -- the month's #46 seller -- both outranked MARVILLE
#1, which captured both the #79 spot and the #85 spot (Note: due to the
different price points, Diamond separated the orders for MARVILLE into two

"It seems to me that the number 26 sits higher on the charts than 46, 79 or
85. But what to I know?" said CAPTAIN MARVEL editor Tom Brevoort. "In any
event, I'm going to wait until the books actually come out before we declare
victory. Six months is a long time."

"Actually, if you're splitting hairs like Jemas is, you could make the claim
that ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #1 sold the most," stated Quesada. "After all, if
you disregard all of the orders for those goofy variant covers -- and look
just at initial orders for the first issue -- then you'll see that orders
for ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #1 top the other two."

"But really, you can't judge an entire fight by just the first round, you
have to see who's left standing when the final bell rings six months from
now," continued Quesada. "Right now retailers are ordering on flash and
foil, but in a few months we'll see the sales results as they vote on
content and story! Like Ali vs. Foreman, I'm just doing my 'rope-a-dope'!
Won't be long before Mr. J is winded and weary as I lay down the knock-out

So for those of you keeping score, MARVILLE #1 is #1 in total retail sales,
ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #1 is #1 in single issue sales (not counting variant
copies), and CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 is #1 in total issue sales. And as the debate
continues within The House, you can decide for yourself when all three
titles go on sale September 18th... and you can read the free dotComic of
ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #1 right now at!

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