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THE ART OF GREG HORN collects 144 pages of Greg's best paintings from comics, video games, and advertising!  Also included is a painting tutorial and many behind the scenes tales of his comic industry adventures.  This coffee table size art book is available as a hard cover (with dust jacket) or trade paperback version, this book makes a great gift for someone you love (or just like).  
  • Any book ordered from this site comes signed by Greg Horn
  • 144 pages full color
  • Tutorial with step- by-step painting technique

  • Each page individually designed to compliment artwork.
  • All pieces annotated.
  • Unpublished illustrations.
  • Side by side comparisons of penciled art to final painting.
  • size:  9" x 12"



A heart-felt thanks to all the retailers and fans who have supported my art book!  I've worked so hard on this baby, and I'm very happy everyone thinks its cool!  The first publication of my book by IMAGE COMICS sold out in a matter of days, but we printed an extra batch for those who missed out.  BOOK DESIGN SAMPLE INTERIOR PAGES CLICK HERE 


This is my very first published artbook from IMAGE COMICS, collecting my favorite illustrations in video games and advertising,  but the comic book artwork is featured first and foremost.   This is obviously not a Marvel Comics publication, so the Marvel content IS limited, but not to the point where it is detrimental to what I always wanted this book to be-- a collection of my very best paintings!  Marvel has been kind enough to allow me a portion of the book and I couldn't have asked for more.  Bottom line, everything i wanted to get in the artbook is there, and It will be enough to please just about anyone!  The rest of the comics work will consist of projects for Wizard, Image, and many other independent publishers.   Of course, these are the illustrations that everybody knows about already-- the big surprise is that half of The Art of Greg Horn will consist of my work that a lot of fans don't even know exists!   For the past two years, I've been moonlighting at some hot-shot advertising agencies,  working on projects for NIKE, SONY, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, ALLSTATE INSURANCE, BACARDI, and RINGLING BROS. CIRCUS.  These illustrations will all be included along with interesting insights into the world of advertising.   In the video gaming market, I've been a busy beaver at XBOX MAGAZINE, PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE, INQUEST GAMER, and PCGAMER, illustrating just about any popular video game you can think of!  All of these will be included in the book with captions about design and editorial process (essentially, I'm going to rip all my editors a new ass)     ...okay, not really. 

  FEATURES- Perhaps, one of the most compelling chapters of this book will be a step-by-step TUTORIAL which will answer many artists questions about how my paintings are created.  Without a doubt, the number one question I am asked at conventions is "How the hell do ya do it?!", so I am thinking a lot of fans will be happy to finally see this guide showing some of my secrets.   Other interesting features will be examples of my "making ends meet" jobs like when I painted murals on Harleys and lowrider cars,  an expose on my creator owned Image project called J.U.D.G.E.(which was a fully painted series), and a complete checklist of all my artwork.   Finally, the icing on the cake is a feature on THE JUSTIFIERS, which concerns my childhood art.  Now, before you say "Oh no!  not another artist showing us his horrible crap-hole drawings when he was 10 years old", consider this: I was 9 years old!   Also, I'm not talking about simple character drawings emulated from comic books.  I'm talking about complete comic books with original characters!  Annuals!  Crossovers!  "Double-sized action packed issues"!  THE JUSTIFIERS will rock your world!!!

Press Release  Dec. 14th

The Art Of Greg Horn Sells Out

Posted: Tuesday, December 14
By: Mike Storniolo

Image Comics has announced that THE ART OF GREG HORN, a 144-page hardcover collection, has sold through its initial print run in less than a week.

For Horn, the news couldn't be better.

"I haven't gotten actual data on this yet- but it sounds like it sold out in a matter of days! I'm ecstatic to hear of this great response to my first art book," says the artist.

Image has announced plans to make a second printing available, in order to cover existing orders and to give retailers and fans another chance to pick up what seems to be a popular choice for gift giving this holiday season.

Horn has become a fan favorite for his cover work for Marvel Comics, and that side of the artist is amply represented in the book. But THE ART OF GREG HORN showcases Horn's diversity, as well, covering his work in four different industries: comics, video games, magazines, and advertising.

Horn feels a key element to the book's success is the stellar production work. According to the painter, Image spared no expenses, from printing to paper.

"Fans tell me they're really happy with the production value of this book, and I couldn't agree more," says Horn. "Without a doubt, this is the best reproduction of my artwork ever. Nothing's even close."

The artist personally designed every single page of the collection over a period of three months. Most of the art is framed by custom painted backdrops or borders, and all illustrations are personally hand-picked paintings, all printed at maximum size.

"You will not see two smaller paintings pasted down on one page in this one," he explains. "Only the best work made the cut, and all are printed full page in what is a pretty large book. There are also some really cool features, including information on murals I've painted, some pictures of the models I use, and an in-depth tutorial on airbrush painting. A lot of people have told me that the last fifteen pages of this book are almost as good as the first 130!"

New hardcover editions of THE ART OF GREG HORN should be available within the next few weeks, and Image expects them to fly off shelves just as quickly as the first printing did, according to Image Comics Executive Director Eric Stephenson.

"We're obviously delighted with the response to Greg's book," says Stephenson. "We're doing our best to make sure the continuing demand for the book is met as quickly as possible. And we're also working to bring more comic art books to the public."

Fans should check with their local shops for current availability on THE ART OF GREG HORN. The hardcover book is printed in full color and retails for $39.95.

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