Greg Horn Inducted to Society of Illustrators


This February, Greg Horn was inducted into the Society of Illustrators, along with Neal Adams, Michael Golden, and Basil Gogos. Boasting a membership that has included some of the greatest commercial artists of all time – including Normal Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish, and Frederick Remington – the Society recognizes and promotes the art of illustration.


Greg has been recognized for his work in the comics field, as one of the most identifiable cover artists in comics today, as well as for his advertising work. Regularly seen on Marvel Comics’ Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk, Greg has also produced the artwork for the Olympic Dream Team poster, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and a number of magazine covers and advertising campaigns. “Seeing my painting of LeBron James towering over Times Square was unbelievable!” commented Greg on one of his proudest moments to date.


Having produced over 60 covers in under a five-year period, Greg has no plans on slowing down. He recently worked on the redesign of the classic boardgame Stratego, provided the alternate cover to the first issue of Anita Blake, and is currently in the early stages of working on an overseas venture that stands to bring his work to a huge new market.


David H. Reuss, the Membership Chairman for the Society, explains why Greg was offered membership with such notable talents as Adams and Golden. “[W]hat Greg is utilizing in the creation of his illustrations is to a large extent the same essential skills that Pyle, Wyeth and Rockwell would use in the creation of one of their own illustrations. Drawing, composition, color, and rendering technique is essential to all great illustration work and this is very apparent in Greg's illustration work.”


Greg’s art book, “The Art of Greg Horn,” was published through Image Comics in April of 2005. While the hardcover edition quickly sold out, the paperback edition is still available.