After creating the cover for their new comic series "Shadow Hunter", Virgin Comics invited me to a private meeting with Jenna Jameson... not THAT kind of private meeting, you filthy minded bastards.  Anyway, she signed my personal print: "Greg, thanks for making me look so beautiful"  It took every ounce of self control to keep from sobbing openly.  Eventually, I sucked it up and we took a photo together.

Emma Frost digest books in TARGET stores, and new ELEKTRA BARBIE doll!

Fans Nominate Greg Horn BEST PAINTER in WIZARD magazine for third year in a row.

Greg Horn provides cover for Motor City Con program guide with comics legend Dick Ayers  Click Here

Elektra sighting on TRL with Jennifer Garner interview.  

FX SHIELD prop   --Lara in Bikini poster was used in episode  Click Here

Inspires Emma Frost statue design by master sculptor Clayburn Moore

Ezra cover for Arcana Studios

Fans Nominate Greg Horn BEST PAINTER in WIZARD magazine for second year in a row.

LOTR fun  Greg Horn covers Lord of the rings on OXM, PSM2, and PCGAMER

Eclipse and vega to appear on an episode of  Yes, Dear  CBS

Eclipse and Vega for SSSComics

Announced as cover artist for Emma Frost series

US playing Card Company's Spiderman Collector's tin

commisioned for xConcepts S.K.U.M.M. covers 

Illustrating two posters for VIVENDI UNIVERSAL

fans Nominate Greg Horn BEST PAINTER in WIZARD magazine 

Opening piece (Soul Calibur) for PSM's swimsuit annual

Three magazine's collaborate for MATRIX illustrations.  Greg will illustrate Matrix images for all three March issues of OXM, PSM, and PCGAMER.

Wizard daredevil and Xmen paintings

Elektra action figure by Diamond select

Elektra cheese package art!

Store signing at THE COMIC BOOK STORE 

Emma Frost covers

2002 Marvel's U-decide competition  Marville

Elektra outfit designs inspire movie version in DAREDEVIL

The XBox Magazine jobs (July) 

TOMB RAIDER poster appears on FX! network's THE SHIELD

Elektra Black Outfit painting revealed as inspiration for Jennifer Garner's costume in DAREDEVIL movie

Bruce Timm's Sexy version of Elektra #2 (July )  

ELEKTRA INTERIOR PAGES (June )   Greg's long anticipated interior pages appear in Marvel Knights Double Shots #3

TOMB RAIDER pieces for PSM2 Magazine(May )

WIZARD'S LAST MAN STANDING (Apr)  Elektra vs Scarlett!!  Greg lent his painting talent to this monthly Wizard article.  It will run in issue #131

WIZARD Basic training on negative space(Mar) Greg is currently working on a Basic training article for Wizard to describe how he designed some of the negative space pencil drawings in his sketchbook. To be printed in Wizard #132

XBOX  Lord of the Rings cover (October)

Elektra/Daredevil designs finally become a DF statue (Mar )  The designs Greg did for Dynamic forces last year have finally become a statue! Click here for the original sketches and photos of this nifty sculpture.

Ringling Bros.  starts tour in New York City--Greg's circus poster is officially debutted (Feb )

J.U.D.G.E. poster to appear on Queer as Folk (Showtime)(Jan ) -- Michael (Hal Sparks) will be visiting a
comic book convention in episode 3 (airs Jan 20) and in later episodes he will purchase/take over a comic book store.  

Cover to Deadline #2 makes Comics International cover. (Jan )  used as the cover for the U.K. comics-news publication--issue #143

Black widow and Deadline covers are a go. (Jan )

Elektra #6 painting becomes the official Marvel Christmas card (Dec )

Elektra and Black Widow paintings to be part of Marvel's Recharge card game (Dec )


ELEKTRA SIGHTING-- HISPANICS TODAY (Oct ) Interview with Joe Quesada as Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics

ELEKTRA GETS MODELING GIG   Elektra becomes virtual model


VAMPIRELLA and CHAOS! paintings  (July) -- Greg paints the cover to Vampirella #5 and the Lady Death DF issue

Tons of Elektra merchandise (Greg's art) (May & June)  Elektramania!  Posters, pin sets, mousepads,t-shirts. Even...lunchboxes!

FIRST WIZARD COVERS  Greg is commissioned to do his first Wizard covers Elektra and Nick fury & Black Widow.

DYNAMIC FORCES LITHOGRAPHS    Greg produced two lithos. One of Elektra and the other of Lady Death/Witchblade