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    Here's some new photos of the Dynamic Forces DAREDEVIL AND ELEKTRA statue recreating the death of Elektra.   Poor Matt... Anyway, my original design sketch is below.

     Below is Diamond Select's latest action-figure,  inspired by my recent cover paintings of Elektra!   The cool part about it is all the interchangeable parts.  She comes with two different sets of legs and two sets of posed arms (note how one set of arms holds the sais between the knuckles like Elektra #1).   Also included are extra weapons modeled directly from my designs of Elektra #2 and #7.   She also has her own set--  consisting of a castle tower, which is hollowed out so you can stash all the extra body parts and weapons in a secret backdoor.  The spiffy packaging art was also composited from various Elektra covers.



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