FREE COMIC DAY.   What did I do?  I spent the day with good friends at Xtreme Comics in Boca Raton, Florida.  I'm the guy with the t-shirt.  George Beliard, the most powerful man not in comics showed up.
Darth showed up too which was cool because the guy never comes out of his garage.


JOE FRIDAYS   About a month ago, Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada relaunched his weekly column on .   To celebrate, he asked a bunch of his artists pals to make "alternate covers" for the event.   So, I thought it would be cool to have him nestled comfortably into the prodigious chest of She-Hulk!  Great idea right?      For some reason, this image shows up distorted on the Newsarama site, so here it is at the correct dimensions!  Now you can truly enjoy this classic.

HALO CAKE!    This is a cake made by Becky from North Carolina for her 14 year old son.  It was done by printing my Halo painting on to edible paper.  To think of my painting dissolving away inside someone's stomach is really upsetting me!

ELEKTRA SHOOTER GLASSES.   If you were looking for a new way to down your whiskey, what better way than these finely crafted Elektra shot glasses?

Wizard magazine awards top honor-- Best Painter of the Year!  Thanks to all you guyzes out there who voted for me-- I really do love ya!
NEW EMMA TOY  Man o man, a friend brought me this new Emma Frost action figure with my art on the packaging.  I can't tell you how much I miss doing these covers...she was truly one of my all time favorite characters to paint.  Let's check out the box art.....
oh yeah....I mean look at her... those eyes...that body...that hair...those.....OH MY GOD!!!  Emma?!  What happened baby?!


Check out the new Emma Frost statue here


There was a lot of merchandise launched with the Elektra title, but for me, nothing was more anticipated than this wonderful object below.  Never before has mankind been blessed with a lunchbox so beautiful, so......perfect.    And what lil' tyke wouldn't want to take the world's deadliest assassin to school with him?  Dynamic Forces has also produced several Lithographs and posters of my cover paintings (Check their gallery for more).

Here are some more goodies available from our friends at Collectible Concepts.   There was also an Elektra Pin Set manufactured, but I'm not sure who makes it.

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