ESPN GAMEZONE RESTURANT     Shazaam!!   The LIVING LEGEND LEBRON has arrived on the mountain top through rain and sleet!  Is there nothing he CAN'T do?   ...he jumped in the ocean and swallowed a whale;  Handcuffed lightnin' and throwed Thunder's ass in jail!    .... I think this poster is going to be a freebie at Gamezone.... I've been a few places and I'm pretty sure you can't beat that price.

POWERADE'S KING JAMES  This is a painting for which is Lebron James' digital comic book.  Essentially, he is the 007 of basketball--he rocks the hoop by day, and stalks the realm of international intrigue by night as the world's greatest (and tallest) super-spy .  "The name is Bron...James Bron"  (I made that up myself!).    James was one of the members of the 2004 Olympic Basketball team-- check out my super-spiffy poster here.  I also painted a super-hero version of him for Nike which became a nifty billboard.

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