She Hulk #10     When Dan Slott told me She-Hulk was marrying Man-Wolf, I was really disgusted...I mean, the guy's got eight nipples.   I can just see her at Pet Supermarket now  "Hi, I need a man-wolf sized pooper-scooper...."  "Sure!  Here you go miss.  This is for a Great Dane so it should work fine!"   Oh brother!!!!  She really knows how to pick em' huh?          I give it three months.

She Hulk covers #7  This is my favorite She-Hulk illustration to date-- Don't you just love her salty attitude?   For this cover, we wanted to have her sitting on a bus bench.... with her own goofy ad on it!  (For those of you who don't know, She-Hulk's alter ego is Jennifer Walters, an attorney in Manhattan).   Anyway, I drew this during the New York Transit strike of 2006, and watching the people getting to work the hard way must have inspired me for She-Hulk's expression!

She Hulk #8 Civil War cover The big event this year at Marvel Comics is the CIVIL WAR storyline.   In this image you can see that poor She-Hulk is torn between two lovers...feeling like a fool.  Which will she choose?  Read da damn book!    Anyway, this cover was pretty strange to do since the art only takes the upper half of the page. 

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