This lovely Indian lady is available only at SAN DIEGO COMICON!     That's right, this movie poster-sized print of Virgin Comics' DEVI#2 will be available at this Comicon.  The poster is extremely limited  at 100 prints, so move your cheeks on over to the Virgin booth, and get on your kneepads.  Maybe they'll give you one.   Anyway, each copy is signed by me with 100% Sharpie ink!     

Virgin has a new line of comic books, the content of which focuses on Asia.   I just happen to love Indian art and jewelry, so I jumped at the opportunity to paint India's newest super-heroine DEVI!  Yeah, India's in Asia, you dumbasses!   Anyway, the jewelry on my painting of Serra Angel was inspired by Indian bridal jewelry (with some celtic patterns mixed in).  Check it out here....    In the end I was hoping to make Devi look like the beautiful Indian models and actresses of Bollywood fame. 

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