MARVEL COMIC's WHITE QUEEN ART GALLERY   Without a doubt, Emma was one of my favorite characters to draw all-time because I remembered her from the old x-men comic books I used to love as a kid!   For those who don't know, Emma Frost was a former member of the Hellfire Club, but she is now reformed (sort of) and part of the X-men.  Back when I was a youngster, I used to love reading the xmen books from the Chris Claremont/ John Byrne era.    The Marc Silvestri and Jim Lee issues were great too, but I think the Byrne stuff influenced me the most!   Anyway, I REALLY loved painting these covers and maybe in the future there will be more (fingers crossed)


 >>> to view pictures of each of the 64 femme fatales before casting their vote, and Emma Frost was primarily represented by my illustrations, thank you.   The final semi-round battles, pitting Emma VS Invisible Girl and Rogue were laughable, with Emma destroying the competition by 20 percentage points on both occasions.  The final championship round with Emma facing off against Fairchild was never in doubt, and Emma planted her butt-up with a tulip in it.  A humiliating 10% vote advantage was the final tally.  So now, all you dirty mentirosas can take note:  EMMA FROST holds the title--THE HOTTEST COMIC BABE OF ALL-TIME!!!

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