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One of the greatest advantages of digital art is the fact that you can have different elements of a scene on their own layers which makes editing, resizing, and color changes a breeze!  Take this PSM2 cover for instance....  most magazine covers like this typically have a lot of text and logos on them and because of this, the art directors prefer a simplistic background or no background at all... but I can't help it...I feel like I have not done a complete job if there is no background (well sometimes!)  Luckily, with digital art I can give the director what he needs and keep myself happy at the same time by designing the project into layers.  You can see below that I have created a fairly complicated background with these light rays shooting all over the place and that makes me feel good because it looks better.  But of course, all the differing shades of color and light would be a major headache for the art director when placing the text, so I make sure to send him a version of the art work in digital layers-- with the background, the characters, and the light rays all separate from one another.   This way he can tone down the background or omit it completely without affecting the central figures.    The figures can even be resized in relation to the scene.   The options for edits of this nature are nearly endless!  In addition to this, it is easy to lift the figures off the painting and use them for other applications.