SPIDERMAN 3 REDUX   I just saw the Spiderman 3 trailer last week and was greatly inspired--I can't wait for this movie to hit the theater.   Anyway, I decided to take an old Spiderman painting I did for a playing card game, and see what he looks like with the spiffy black alien costume.  Pretty cool!
SPIDERMAN COLLECTOR's TIN  for the US PLAYING CARD COMPANY   The US Playing Card Company (Bicycle brand cards) is producing a new limited set of their Spiderman playing cards and wanted a different look for their collector's tin box this year.  They asked me illustrate a shot of Spidey that would fit the dimensions of this small carrying case. The artwork will be printed in such a way that the reflective metal of this box will "shine" through the lightning bolts when angled in the light. I can't wait to see how this project turns out.  It is available for order now through Previews-- if you missed the order, you may be able to get it through retail chains like Wal-mart, Target, etc.



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